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Global Leadership Assessment: GLA 360 

The GLA 360 articulates and measures the top 15 most pressing competencies for today’s global leader. It shows leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed in a competitive business environment. 
What makes the GLA 360 unique is that it is the first and only assessment currently available in the market created by multinationals for multinationals. 
The GLA 360 facilitates the collection of valuable data and insights into the specific behaviours that drive competency scores and how this contributes to success by working with a qualified coach to understand the areas they excel in as a leader, and those areas that are high value leadership growth areas that will make a significant impact on their performance and success. 

Team and Individual Coaching 

From an organisational perspective, deciding whether to select team or individual coaching depends on what you want to achieve, and considering the best way to get there. 
It is important to also recognise that individual and team coaching are not mutually exclusive. With one-on-one coaching we are focusing on the individual, where team coaching focuses on team dynamics, considering the ‘sum’ of the whole. 
Contact us to discuss the services we offer to ensure any coaching intervention is aligned to your needs and provides the outcome(s) you are looking to achieve. 


The benefits of mentoring are multi-faceted, from offering leadership and professional development to improving communication and developing relationships, and have an impact not just for the mentee, but the mentor and organisation also. 
Many of us have had a teacher, supervisor, friend, leader or professional colleague who have been a mentor to us and have inspired us, and made a positive difference in our lives. Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth for all involved. 
Contact us to discuss the mentoring services we offer to ensure any mentoring relationship is aligned to the individuals needs and provides the outcome(s) they and you are looking to achieve. 
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