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Leadership Development 

Leadership and Management Essentials 

Modern day managers and leaders need to behave differently as they need to acquire the essential practical skills and knowledge to thrive in the knowledge-driven, fast paced global economy. They also need to understand when they should be managing, and when they should be leading. Regardless of the role they are undertaking, they also need to learn to utilise the power of emerging technologies, and social media to effectively and efficiently communicate and coordinate actions in order to become more innovative, competitive, and create a sense of urgency. 

EQM2: Emotional Intelligence & Maturity in Practice 

For many years now, emotional intelligence has been seen as a critical success factor in building positive, collaborative and constructive relationships. For modern-day leaders it is seen as an essential skill and attribute. But it is not enough to understand and be able to manage emotions. We believe emotional maturity, the ability to recognise emotional triggers and develop strategies to mitigate their impact is just as important. While EQ provides knowledge and understanding, EM helps people to identify the context, circumstances and situations where their emotional control might be challenged and as such develop strategies to mitigate the potential impact. 

Immersive Leadership Programme 

If leadership is about inspiring those you lead towards the achievement of a common goal through a collective vision, then developing the right leadership qualities are critical to success. 
The immersive leadership programme takes participants on a personal journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, allowing practicing and aspiring leaders to explore and better understand what drives them, and how this influences their purpose, provides meaning, and ultimately shapes their leadership brand. 

Defining Your Personal and Professional Brand 

Building trust and respect as a leader doesn’t just happen. Those you lead and have social connections with and in business, such as stakeholders, clients and customers need to have confidence that you are authentic and consistent as a leader through your words, behaviour, and actions. 
Defining your personal brand helps you to better understand your individual characteristics, talents, values and skills which drive you as a leader, and as a person, which can be an advantage in both your professional and personal life, allowing you to reflect on how you see and present your self, and how others may see you. 

Leading with Authenticity, Purpose and Integrity 

The concept of ‘authentic leadership’ is not new, however we can develop differing ideas of what we believe authentic leadership is, or should be, based on our own knowledge and experiences. Authenticity, along with consistency is known to build trust which in turn helps leaders to create teams that are engaged, focused and successful, promoting ownership of a shared vision and commitment to a collective purpose. 

Delegation: Why, When and How 

In the modern day workplace, competing demands and raised expectations placed on managers and team leaders means that delegation as a skill has become ever more important to effectively manage workloads and empower teams to ‘get the work done’. It is however often overlooked, under valued and under used but is an effective tool that managers and team leaders can use to complete ever-increasing tasks and responsibilities. 

Managing the Dark-Side: How to Coach Your People through Potential Derailment 

Leaders are coming under increased pressure to deliver results, which has the potential to increase the level of frustration, pressure, and stress within teams. When it comes to individual personality, the line between what is seen as a key strength or a weakness isn’t always clear. 
Utilising the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) as the foundation, the workshop will provide participants with invaluable insights into behaviours that can lead to derailment if not managed, and introduce proven coaching skills that can support individuals and teams to enable them to maximise strengths, and achieve their individual and collective goals. 

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