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Consultancy Services 

Leadership For Life Ltd: Consultancy Services 

Leadership For Life Ltd provide a number of consultancy services aligned to their specialisms and expertise based on the following principles and purpose: 
Improve Organisational Effectiveness 
Facilitate Organisational Learning 
Build Consensus and Commitment 
Key services we offer to support organisations in driving performance and effectiveness, facilitate organisational learning and build consensus and commitment include: 

Talent Management and Succession Planning 

A critical component in business performance and success is the effective management of the skills, talent and succession of employees. When done effectively, individual contributors and teams are prepared and ready to cope with current and future work requirements. 
Talent management is the process of identifying, developing and retaining individuals that possess important knowledge, skills and capabilities to maintain and enhance business competitiveness by providing opportunities to develop their skills and experience which in turn helps to build loyalty to the business. 
Succession planning, sometimes referred to as ‘workforce planning’ allows a business to clearly define its required capabilities and competencies, both now and in the future, while also considering its strategic direction and identifying both the need for any new roles, and mitigating the risk to any critical roles within the business that may be exposed due to the lack of trained personnel. 

Competency Framework Design  

Robust, valid and ‘fit for purpose’ competency frameworks are the foundation on which effective talent management and succession planning strategies are built. Not surprisingly, there is a direct correlation between business outcomes and the competencies used in performance management. 
While you may already have a framework in place when was the last time it was reviewed to assess (a) how well it meets current, emergent and future needs of your organisation (b) how well it is understood, and (c) how consistent is the application of the framework across the organisation? 
If you don’t have a competency framework in place perhaps it is time to start a discussion on the benefits of developing a framework that links key HR processes and provides a benchmark for performance. 

Training Needs Analysis 

The importance of undertaking a training needs analysis cannot be overstated; in today’s competitive business environment it can be a serious game-changer, providing the edge your business needs to stay ahead of the competition while helping to shape your culture, providing the skills your people need to develop and thrive. 
A well structured Training Needs Analysis will ensure that (a) your training is focused on the skills and behaviours that are required for your business to grow now, and in the future, (b) you understand the big picture and can identify and eliminate areas of training that provide little return, and (c) you invest in training that will deliver the best levels of return and increase your return on investment (ROI). 

Organisational Climate 

While there are varying opinions about what constitutes an organisational climate, many agree that the climate fundamentally forms and shapes the ‘soul’ of the organisation which can have a significant impact on employee performance, behaviour and attitude. Research suggest not only does a ‘healthy’ organisational climate promote employee motivation, and engagement, it can also increase the bottom-line significantly, up to some thirty percent. 
Undertaking a climate assessment can be a complex, time-consuming and often expensive exercise therefore it is important that organisations clarify what it expects to achieve from the assessment, and clearly determines the scope, purpose and desired outcomes of the assessment process at the onset. 
The team at Leadership for Life are proud to be accredited practitioners of the Performance Climate System© a climate measurement tool designed to enable teams and leaders to understand what is and isn’t working in order to maximise performance. 
Unique in what it measures and how it works, PCS is an online survey-based solution that provides a simple, thorough analysis of team and leadership performance and wellbeing, and has been used over 25,000 times in more than 20 countries by organisations serious about performance improvement. 
Contact us today to see how the Performance Climate System © can make a difference to your organisation. 

Culture versus Climate 

PCS Overview 


Developing a Learning Culture: The Road to Becoming a Learning Organisation 

The concept of what constitutes a learning organisation is new but is still often misunderstood. Organisation leaders who think that getting their organisation to learn is merely a case of articulating a clear vision, giving employees the right incentives, and providing lots of training are misguided and such an assumption is at best ‘flawed’. 
While Peter M.Senge’s framework for what it takes to become a learning organisation was popularized though his work ‘The Fifth Discipline’ it is still somewhat of a mystery why many organisations have yet to embrace or indeed realise the idea of a learning organisation. Taking a pragmatic approach, and embracing the early work by Senge, we work with you to develop the processes, systems, behaviours and practices that embed (a) leadership practices and behaviours that reinforce the importance of learning, (b) create an ethos that is supportive and a climate that is conducive to learning, and (c) design and test learning processes and practices that are systematic, innovative and engaging. 
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